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The GLWC Regional Transmission Workgroup identifies the main challenges at the state, provincial and regional level in order to address reliability, access, and the efficient delivery of wind energy in an environmentally and socially responsible manner. 

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Monday, August 27 - 3:00 p.m. EDT / 2:00 p.m. CDT

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MISO Candidate Multi-Value Project (MVP) Map

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Key Transmission Projects in the Great Lakes Region and Beyond: Connecting Wind Resources

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Connecting wind projects to the grid is a critical component of the wind energy industry and can often bring challenges and roadblocks. This webinar spotlighted key transmission projects in the Great Lakes region, summarized progress to date and challenges that have been overcome, and highlighted the transmission capacity these projects will provide for wind power projects throughout the region and beyond.

Presentations and Speakers

The New York Energy Highway Initiative - John Osinski,  Executive Director, Regulatory Affairs, New York Power Authority

Green Transmission Projects in Ontario - Alessia Dawes, Professional Engineer, Hydro One

CapX2020: Delivering Reliable Electricity and New Wind Generation to the Region - Randy Fordice, Senior Communications Specialist, Great River Energy/CapX2020

Michigan Thumb Loop Project Update - Kwafo Adarkwa, Senior Regulatory Analyst,  ITC Holdings Corporation


Regional Generation Outlet Study Webinar

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS), passed by most of the Midwest ISO member states, mandate that significant amounts of statewide electrical energy come from renewable sources. Midwest ISO recognized that implementing these RPS, and meeting an objective function of achieving the lowest delivered dollar per MWh cost, requires a reliability and economics based regional transmission solution.  To develop this solution, Midwest ISO, with the assistance of state regulators and industry stakeholders, conducted the Regional Generator Outlet Study (RGOS).  This multi-year study culminated in the identification of three regional transmission scenarios that enable the renewable mandates and goals of the states within the Midwest ISO footprint.  This webinar focused upon the RGOS study, its key results, and the next steps towards realizing a regional transmission plan to meet policy objectives.


Cost Allocation Webinar

Monday, October 25, 2010

This webinar consisted of a two hour discussion on transmission cost allocation, particularly as it pertains to the connection of wind energy facilities to the grid. Constraints in current grid capacity have necessitated advance planning in order to meet rising electricity demands and the interconnection needs of alternative forms of energy. Representatives from the major transmission organizations in the Great Lakes region provided an overview of their respective cost allocation processes and plans for future changes. This Webinar was moderated by by workgroup chair John Osinski of the New York Power Authority, and John Hummer and Julie Hinderer of the Great Lakes Commission.

Final Agenda

Speakers and Presentations

-     Brian Rybarik, Executive Assistant to Commissioner Lauren Azar, Wis. Public Service Commission (MISO service area includes portions of the states of Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin)

-    John Buechler, Executive Regulatory Policy Advisor, NY-ISO (NY-ISO service area includes the state of New York)

-    Mark Graham, Director, Partnerships and External Relations, Hydro One (Hydro One accounts for about 96% of the Pronvince of Ontario's transmission capacity)

-    Steve Herling, Vice President, PJM Interconnection (PJM Interconnection service area includes portions of the states of Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania)


Eastern Wind Integration and Transmission Study (EWITS) Webinar

Thursday, May 13, 2010
The Eastern Wind Integration and Transmission Study (EWITS) is a two-and-a-half-year technical study of future high-penetration wind scenarios that was designed to analyze the economic, operational and technical implications of shifting 20% or more of the Eastern Interconnection's electrical load to wind by 2024. The study identified operational best practices and analyzed wind resources, future wind deployment scenarios and transmission  options. This GLWC webinar focused on what the results of EWITS means for the Great Lakes region. The webinar was co-presented by Matthew J. Schuerger, P.E. of Energy Systems Consulting Services, LLC and Bob Zavidil of EnerNex.

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Contact Information

John Osinski, New York Power Authority, chair - osinksi.j@nypa.gov

John Hummer, Great Lakes Commission, lead staff - jhummer@glc.org

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